Epson announces a range of surprisingly affordable '4K enhanced' projectors

Epson announces a range of surprisingly affordable 4K projectors

The advent of 4K technology has made it possible for people to achieve cinema-quality visuals in the comfort of their living rooms, with 4K content more accessible than ever before.

Now, Epson has taken things one step further by announcing a range of affordable '4K enhanced' projectors that will give people at home a true big-screen experience without the enormous cost that usually comes with that kind of setup.

Each of Epson's three new 1080p projectors offers what the company calls '4K Enhancement Technology', which is the ability to slightly shift projected pixels to effectively double the on-screen resolution. That means they can show Ultra HD Blu-rays and other 4K content at its native resolution, and all models additionally feature high-dynamic-range support, motorised optics and lens position memory, as well as 1,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratios. The new projectors also emit a high white and colour light output of 2,500 lumens, making it possible to maintain a high level of visual quality, even in well-lit rooms.

Epson's top model, the EH-TW9300W, is priced at $4,999 and offers a WirelessHD projector experience, allowing users to stream content to the projector from a smartphone, games console, Blu-ray player and more. You will even be able to wirelessly stream 4K content using Epson's new WiHD transmitter.

The company's other two 4K projectors are the entry-level EH-TW8300, priced at $4,499, and the EH-TW9300, which is the same as the top model, only without the wireless functionality. That model is priced at $4,799.

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