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HD 3D movie camera makes flicks cheaper

The rise of 3D cinema seems unstoppable

Everyone knows 3D movies are the next big thing in the drive to prevent film piracy, so it's no surprise to see the hardware needed for their production becoming simpler and cheaper.

Panasonic has just revealed it plans to market a professional high-definition 3D production system consisting of a camera with two lenses and a 3D HD TV plasma screen.

Cutting camera costs

The twin-lens approach means there will no longer be a need for two separate cameras to shoot the left- and right-eye images needed for the stereoscopic effect.

That reduces both the cost of purchasing the hardware and the time needed for setting up the equipment and subsequent film editing.

What about the specs?

Panasonic says it will initially show the system at trade exhibitions and look to sell it later this year.

Now, if only they can do something about price-gouging cinemas with the cheek to charge extra for 3D glasses.