Hold the phone: Nokia might be working on an Android Nougat tablet

Free from exclusively working on Microsoft's Lumia line of Windows Phones, the Nokia name is back , and it appears it wasn't been idle.

New benchmarks courtesy of experienced leaker Steve Hemmerstoffer reveal what appears to be an Android-powered tablet dubbed the Nokia D1C.

Leaked details of the D1C have surfaced in the past, such as its Qualcomm octa-core 1.4GHz CPU,  3GB RAM, and Android Nougat support. 

However, Hemmerstoffer's contribution not only confirms those details, but adds something new and noteworthy:  the screen size.

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You're on the big screen, kid

The leak claims the D1C sports a 13.8-inch display, a screen clearly in tablet territory, despite previous reports positing the D1C would be a smartphone. 

While a Nougat-powered tablet would be a notch outside Nokia's comfort zone, there are rumors of two flagship phones milling about that could still mark the more conventional return of the Nokia handset.

Of course, nothing is confirmed at the moment. However, should these leaks prove valid, we could see Nokia return to the mobile game post-Windows Phone with a bang, bringing a powerful tablet running the latest version of the Android platform. At least, until the beta for Android 7.1 wraps up.

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