Hisense 'Laser TVs' beam a near-infinite array of colors to your projector screen

(Image credit: Hisense)

At IFA 2019, the big home entertainment story continues to be the growing trend towards every house one day having an 8K TV. Though Hisense itself has an 8K TV in the works in the shape 85U9E, it's using the Berlin trade show to also sing the praises of its latest Laser TV offerings – its take on the home projection market.

Hisense has three new Laser TVs at IFA 2019: the Hisense 100L5 Sonic Screen, the 100L9 and the L9 TriChroma.

Now, to call these 'TVs' is a bit of a misnomer. In reality, they are laser projectors, using short throw technology to allow you to put them far close to where you'd like the projected image to go, and still get a massive (up to 100-inches) screen size. Where Hisense is able to get away with calling them televisions is with the fact that not only speakers and a smart platform are built in, but also a TV tuner. That's unheard of in your average projector.

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'Infinite colors'

The Laser TVs are using Hisense's three light light X-FusionTM Laser Light Engine (Red, Blue, Green). From this, Hisense claims it can produce a "near-infinite" array of colors, right down to pure white, and taking in the 100% Rec.709, 100% DCI-P3, >98% Rec.2020 ranges.

Powered by a Texas Instrument DLP, the L9 range also makes use of an 'Ambient Light Rejecting' technology, which should give very viewable images even in daylight conditions.

And though we've yet to hear it, we're intrigued by what Hisense is calling its 'Distributed Mode Loudspeaker' inside the 100L5. It's the more capable in terms of audio output as a result, with the DML "producing audio directly from the Laser TV's screen". How it manages that from a projection, remains to be seen – we'll fill you in once we've seen the set out on the IFA 2019 show flow.

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