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New MartinLogan Spires

The Spire
Something to aSpire to: MartinLogan’s £7,300 newcomer

MartinLogan, the American high-end electrostatic loudspeaker manufacturer, has launched a new upmarket model – the Spire. The new ‘panel’ loudspeaker follows the hybrid line most recently popularised by the company’s recent Source and Purity loudspeakers, which broke new price ground for the iconic manufacturer.

The new Spire, however, is a more high-end product, with deep, well extended bass and a host of acronyms to describe MarinLogan’s proprietary technology. It features a ‘CLS’ (Curvilinear Line Source) ‘XStat’ electrostatic panel, mounted in the firm’s rigid, extruded aluminium ‘AirFrame’ chassis.

Panel beater

The speaker’s treble and midrange are handled by a slim-line stator panel, which integrates with the ‘PowerForce’ bass system, to offer a full-range output. PowerForce comprises a 250mm aluminium bass driver coupled with a 200-watt amplifier to deliver bass down to a claimed 29Hz. This unit acts as the literal and figurative base for the panels and takes up approximately the same space as a case of wine.

Further key features include the ‘Vojtko’ crossover – derived from the


loudspeaker – which includes a parametric EQ knob (centred around 35Hz) to optimise the interaction between loudspeaker and room. The cabinet part of the panel speaker is offered in a range of wood finishes as standard, in addition to special ‘Custom Shop’ options. The Spire is ready now priced at £7,300.