GoPro's newest accessory helps you talk to your camera

UPDATE: The GoPro Remo now has an Australian release date! The voice-controlled, waterproof remote for your GoPro Hero5 camera will be available to buy Down Under on December 5, 2016.

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One of more interesting new features added to GoPro's latest line of action cameras is voice control - it means you can just tell your GoPro to start and stop recording, or change modes, without having to fiddle around with buttons and menus.

The only problem is it's not always that practical to start shouting at your camera, especially if you've set it up at a distance or it's a particularly blustery day and the microphone can't pick up your voice.

Enter the GoPro Remo, which for $79.99/£69.99/AU$124.95 will clip somewhere on your clothing and give you a much neater voice control experience. "Remo enhances the voice control of your Hero5 camera in windy and noisy environments," says GoPro. "It can also be used as a one-button remote from up to 33ft (10m) away."

Not backwards compatible

You can use the same 13 voice commands as you can on the GoPro Hero5 Black and Hero5 Session cameras, and it understands 10 different languages too. A clothes clip and a wrist strap are included in the box.

Unfortunately you can't use the Remo to add voice control functionality to any of GoPro's older action cams, but if you do have a newer model then it makes a nice stocking filler. We'll have to wait to test one to see just how well it picks up voice commands while hurtling down a ski slope.

So far the Remo hasn't been included in any of GoPro's Black Friday deals, but there are plenty of other offers on the table this weekend if you're looking for a cut-price camera.

Watch the video below to see how the GoPro Remo works when used in conjunction with a GoPro Hero5.

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