GoPro is planning to launch a Hero6 camera this year

It's been a rough few years for GoPro, with users stubbornly refusing to upgrade their action cameras quite as often as their smartphones, and the company's attempts to spread out into other markets not always going to plan.

Whatever GoPro has planned to get itself back on its feet, it definitely includes a new Hero6 model, company executives confirmed in an earnings call earlier this week - although for the time being there's no word on a launch schedule or any specs.

The Hero5 has been with us since September 2016, bringing with it yet another bump in video and image quality, and an integrated touchscreen for the first time on the flagship model in the range. A similar launch in September 2017 would seem likely.

Holding out for a Hero

At the same time GoPro launched its latest cameras it also ushered in an auto-sync cloud service for captured content called GoPro Plus, which will set you back $4.99 a month if you live in the US. GoPro says there's a "high retention rate" among early adopters and so the service will be expanding beyond the US "in the coming months".

GoPro CEO Nick Woodman also confirmed that multiple cameras and accessories would be appearing from the company over the next 12 months, though it's not clear how many of these will be brand new products and which will be upgrades to existing kit.

It's no real surprise that GoPro has a Hero6 in the works but it's notable that the company isn't planning to slow down its production cycle in the wake of its Karma drone troubles. However, we'll have to wait a few more months yet before we know anything else about what GoPro has in store.

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