Android users can now limit how much data their friends use


Google has updated its data-saving app Datally with several new features, including the ability to limit how much data your friends and family can use when they borrow your phone. No more sneaky streaming sessions gobbling up your allowance without your permission.

You can also set daily usage limits, helping you portion out your data throughout the month so you don't run out partway through, and Google will soon add warnings so you know when it's time to start cutting back on the video calls.

Datally now shows nearby Wi-Fi networks too, helping you find an alternative way to get online, and highlights any installed apps that you don't use, but are sucking up your data regardless.

Slash data use

Datally is a handy app for anyone without an unlimited data plan, and Google claims it can help cut your data use by up to 30%. It's also ideal for Android users in countries where mobile data connectivity is patchy and expensive, though it's different to the data management app supplied with Android Go – the mobile operating system designed for low-powered, affordable smartphones.

Android Go comes with streamlined versions of all Google's key apps (including Gmail, YouTube and Chrome) that are designed to make frugal use of mobile data and use minimal system resources. For example, YouTube Go lets users cache videos for offline watching, and share clips wirelessly using Wi-Fi Direct and Bluetooth.

Android Go's data saver takes a more active approach than Datally, removing unnecessary images in apps, switching to low-bitrate video, and preventing updates downloading automatically.

Via The Verge

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