Google scraps smartwatch apps for Nest thermostats

Nest thermostat
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Google has shut down its Nest thermostat apps for smartwatches, claiming not enough people were using them.

The apps for Google Wear OS and Apple Watch let you adjust the target temperature with a tap of your wrist, see notifications, and set home/away modes so your home would be nice and cozy when you arrived back from work.

It seems that wasn't enough to win over Nest owners, though. As 9to5Google reports, both apps are now defunct, and anyone who tries to use the Wear OS version now will be prompted to uninstall it.

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You can still control your Nest with your smartphone, and it seems that's what users have been doing anyway.

"You will still get notifications on your watch with Nest app via your mobile device," a Google spokesperson said. "Wear OS users can control their thermostat with the Google Assistant from any Wear OS device, check out more details here.

"If you’re using an Apple watch you’ll no longer be able to adjust your thermostat or change Home/Away mode from your watch. However, the actions you were able to take on your watch are all available with the Nest app (available for both Android and iOS), so you’ll still be able to control your devices on the go"

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