Google Pay on your Wear OS watch will speed up today... if you're on Android

Ever find yourself waiting at the checkout for your mobile payment apps to start up? Google Pay is about to get much quicker on your Wear OS watch, which should stop people tutting behind you in the supermarket queue.

Alongside the launch of a new Android P beta release, a new update is coming to the Wear OS app for Android that will change the way Google Pay works.

It's an enhancement that Google simply calls 'quick-starting Google Pay', but the company has yet to reveal exactly how it works. We think it may be the connection tech between your phone and your watch that's quicker, but there's no clear explanation of the update.

On its way

The update began rolling out to Android devices on July 25, so if you head to the Google Play Store now you should be able to find the update for the Wear OS app. There's been no similar update issued for the Wear OS app on iPhone, but we wouldn't be surprised to see that in the future.

This new upgrade also brings a minor fix for a time zone bug, as well as enhancing the design tweaks Google brought in with an earlier update. 

Google says its UI is now 'more glanceable', so you may find your watch's display a touch easier to read after you download the update.

Via Android Authority

James Peckham

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