Google Meet will soon help you troubleshoot your video conferencing problems

Google Meet
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Ensuring your Google Meet video calls go smoothly is about to get a whole lot easier as Google is adding new tools for both admins and end users to help improve call quality when using the company's video conferencing software.

Now when Google Meet detects that a performance issue is impacting call quality, users will see a notification bubble describing the issue along with a red dot on the “More options” menu. By clicking on this menu, Meet users will be able to select “Troubleshooting & help” to find out more information on the issue and see some possible solutions to the problem.

At the same time though, Google is also adding personalized suggestions on how they can improve the quality of their video calls. These suggestions can be useful in situations where a decrease in available processing resources are impacting call quality like when a business laptop lowers CPU speed to extend battery life.

Finally, the search giant is adding one-click changes that can quickly reduce the amount of resources Meet is using to improve call quality. These include switching settings to use less CPU or network bandwidth or adding closed captions to make it easier to understand other speakers in a meeting.

Meet Quality Tool

In addition to notifications to help end users improve the quality of their video calls, Google is also releasing a new update for its Meet Quality Tool for admins.

With this tool, admins can now view and troubleshoot instances where users were unable to join calls. A new icon will appear in the timeline of Google's Meet Quality Tool that indicates a failed join attempt and admins can hover over the icon for more information on the issue.

According to Google, admins will see failed connection attempts when a user tries to join a call that is already at its maximum participant limit, rejoin a call after being removed or being denied, join a call that they were denied entry to by another participant and join a call but the request timed out because nobody in the call responded.

Using the company's updated Meet Quality Tool, admins will be able to quickly assist their users with connection issues without having to contact Google for support.

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