Google brands scrolling screenshot feature for Android 'infeasible'

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For anyone hoping that Google would bake a scrolling screenshot feature into stock Android there's bad news: it's not going to.

Replying in June of last year to a request from users for the feature to be natively supported in Android, Google said it had "passed this to the development team", and would provide updates, then around three months later said it had "deferred this issue for consideration in a future release".

Now, almost a year to the day since that response, Google has added the rather terse update: "Status: Won't Fix (Infeasible)".

No further information was provided as to why Google believes the feature can't be included, but we'd be surprised if it was for technical reasons.

A number of manufacturers have added support for scrolling screenshots in their Android interface overlays, with the likes of Huawei's EMUI and Samsung's One UI both offering the ability to take a screenshot that includes more than what's visible on the screen.

A question of legality?

One possible explanation for Google's decision not to move forward with the feature could be down to patents – other smartphone manufacturers potentially hold the keys to scrolling screenshots and, in a bid to differentiate themselves in a crowded Android market, are unwilling to let the search giant in.

It means we can rule out this feature for Android Q, and future updates to the operating system, although we could learn about the new features Google will include in its next update soon, as the firm's developer conference kicks off on May 7.

We'll be reporting live from Google I/O 2019 in Mountain View, California to bring you all the latest on Android Q, and we'll try and find out more information about why scrolling screenshots won't happen.

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