Google Assistant is getting a major makeover

Google Assistant is already arguably the smartest digital assistant available, but it’s now getting even better, as Google has rolled out a makeover for it on phones.

The changes come as a result of realizing that nearly half of all Google Assistant interactions involve both voice and touch, so it’s now a lot more visual.

That means larger images, GIFs, and new controls and sliders that let you manage your smart home devices by touch, such as using a slider to adjust the brightness of your smart lights.

The new look Google Assistant

The new look Google Assistant

Your day is now more visible

The messaging interface is also changing, allowing you to use your fingers to quickly edit messages that you’ve dictated, such as to add a comma or change a word.

You’ll also now be able to see an overview of your day simply by swiping up on the Google Assistant screen. 

Plus, the update is giving third-party developers new tools to take advantage of the space on your screen, with FitStar for example now using GIFs to give you a preview of a workout, and Starbucks using thumbnails to let you select items on its menu.

So in short Google Assistant should be just as good as before when using your voice, but with a more appealing interface and more control during those times when you’d rather get things done the old-fashioned way – with taps and swipes.

James Rogerson

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