Get BT Fibre 2 broadband for £33.99/month - with a £110 reward card

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Are you looking for a new broadband deal from a trusted provider? Then we have something that might pique your interest. Right now you can get BT's Fibre 2 broadband (67Mbps) for £33.99 a month on a 24-month contract. Plus, as an added bonus, you can also get a £110 BT Reward Card if you choose this deal.

Whether or not you'll be able to access this package is dependant on the fibre rollout in your area, but this is information you can find out through BT when you check out the deal. If your property is eligible, you should also note this package has a £29.99 upfront fee.

The £110 BT Reward Card is preloaded and can be spent online or over the phone anywhere that accepts Mastercard. 

While these speeds should be more than fast enough for a medium to large household with high download, streaming or online gaming demands, you may want something faster or cheaper. If so, take a look at our other top broadband deals


BT Fibre 2 broadband (67Mbps) | £33.99 p/m | 24-month contract | £29.99 upfront fee | + £110 BT Reward Card

BT Fibre 2 broadband (67Mbps) | £33.99 p/m | 24-month contract | £29.99 upfront fee | + £110 BT Reward Card
With this broadband deal, you will get BT Fibre 2 for £33.99 a month, plus a £110 BT Reward Card if you sign up now. It's a 24-month deal, it has upfront fees of £29.99 and your eligibility is dependant on your property's fibre access. Busy households with high streaming and gaming demands will have more than enough download speed with this deal, which also features unlimited data. But, this deal is broadband only, so you won't get a landline phone. 

BT doesn't just provide its customers with reliable and fast broadband, it offers much more. As well as great customer service, it offers a variety of top broadband and TV deals, as well as customer incentives and opportunities to add extras to your existing package.

The TV bundles you can get with BT cover the following:

You can get Sky Atlantic, Sky One, Discovery and many other channels and box sets. 

Big Entertainment:
All the above, plus Sky Cinema and access to well over 1,000 movies.

This includes all four BT Sport channels.

Big Sport:
With this you get the Sport package and 11 Sky Sports channels, as well as a NOW Sports Membership. 

As the top bundle you get access to both the Big Entertainment and Big Sport packages.

Despite all this though, BT is often not the cheapest - particularly if you do opt to add on its TV bundles. So if you're purely looking for affordability, you might want to look at some of the best broadband deals from other UK providers.

What other broadband speeds and options are available with BT?

All of BT's broadband options come with unlimited data and the speeds available range from basic ADSL connections through to ultra-fast 'Full Fibre'. 

Right now - in addition to the Fibre 2 package in our deal - here's what you can get with BT:

BT Broadband Unlimited
Speeds averaging 10Mbps.

BT Fibre Essential
Speeds averaging 36Mbps.

BT Fibre 1
Speeds averaging 50Mbps.

BT Full Fibre 100
Speeds averaging 150Mbps.

BT Full Fibre 500
Speeds averaging 500Mbps.

BT Full Fibre 900
Speeds averaging 900+Mbps.

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