Sony goes big on second screen for PS4, announces PlayStation app

Sony goes big on second screen for PS4, announces PlayStation app
Sony puts your smartphone in control

Sony has been busy working on a smartphone app that will allow you to stream parts of games from your PS4 straight to your handset.

Demoed at the Tokyo Games Show, Sony showed off the iOS and Android PlayStation app which plays nicely with the PS4 Playroom feature and acts as Sony's very own version of Xbox Smartglass.

The app offers up a whole lot of uses, including access to trophy information and social feeds, but the most interesting aspect is that you will be able to use the app to interact with mini-games on the PS4.

Second screen

In a demo, by SCE Worldwide Studio's Shuhei Yoshida using a Sony Xperia Z1, a sketch was made on the app that was virtually thrown into the PS4 Playroom, knocking over the robots that inhabit the space.

It was revealed that the app will be able to integrate into many PS4 games with Yoshida putting a callout to developers to create bespoke content for the app.

Sony has been pushing the second-screen PS4 experience hard with the PS Vita and the announcement of its smartphone app shows that it is trying to find ways to bring mobile gamers to the PS4.

The PlayStation app, which has a Connect to PS4 button, will also turn your smartphone into a game controller and there is a feature that allows you to broadcast gameplay to your various social networks.

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