Sony confirms 250GB PS3 Slim bundles for UK

Sony releasing new 250Gb PS3 Slim bundles in time for Xmas
Sony releasing new 250Gb PS3 Slim bundles in time for Xmas

It's official: Sony Computer Entertainment UK is set to launch a range of 250GB PlayStation 3 console bundles later next month, with both an Uncharted 2 and a Blu-ray movie pack on the way.

SCE UK has also confirmed that the 250GB bundles will cost British gamers £284.99.

"Sony Computer Entertainment UK today announced a line-up of PlayStation 3 bundles for the holiday season, consisting of a PS3 with a 250GB hard disc drive and a selection of software and content for £284.99," reads SCE UK's release just in.

Successfully Slim

The recently-launched 120GB PS3 Slim sold over 1 million units in its first three weeks on sale and Sony informs us that "the 250GB model has the same hardware specifications as the current model, but with greater storage space, to offer consumers even more choice. "

"The 250GB PS3, with its larger storage capacity, will allow owners to take full advantage of the incredible software line-up and the many multimedia functions available on PS3, whether that is storing and viewing your family photographs, listening to your entire music collection in crisp quality, or watching your favourite home videos or TV shows."

Soft bundles containing either two Platinum titles or inFamous will be available as of 1 October, with the Uncharted 2 bundle following on 16 October and a Blu-Ray movie pack containing Wolverine and The Dark Knight and a Blu-ray Remote arriving on October 19.

Adam Hartley