Sega announces new Pilates game for Wii

Sega launching new Pilates game for Wii
Sega launching new Pilates game for Wii

Sega has released the first shots of a new keep fit game for Wii called Daisy Fuentes Pilates, in a clear attempt to follow up on Nintendo's runaway success with Wii Fit.

As Wii Fit takes its sixteenth week at the top of the UK videogames charts (yes, sixteenth!) it really is not hard to see why Sega has decided to jump aboard the keep fit gaming bandwagon.

Daisy Fuentes, it turns out, is a "pilates icon" who hosts America's Funniest Home Videos.

Back-saving Sega

Pilates is particularly ideal for those that suffer from back or spinal problems – which, annoyingly, is most of the TechRadar news team, seeing how we spend our days hunched over hot laptops in pursuit of the latest tech and gaming news.

We jest! However, should Sega's latest foray into keep fit gaming prove to make Pilates popular with the gaming crowd (and its mums and grans and aunties) then the Japanese publisher may well be directly responsible for helping many overcome the drudgery of back pain. Which is no bad thing.

The Wii Remote is also used in the game to control the movements and to get advice from Ms Fuentes. Sega UK has still to confirm a British release of the game, so we'll be sure to follow up with them to find out if and when we'll see Sega's back-saving Pilates title over here.

"Who would you like to see front Sega's Pilates game?" asks CVG, adding, "and don't say Lisa Riley. Don't ever say Lisa Riley.".


Adam Hartley