Remote Play software enables you to play PS4 games on your PC

PS4 to PC streaming
PS4 to PC streaming

It seems the PS4 might've just gained another of the Xbox One's new features, enabling users to stream games from their systems to a PC.

The software, aptly called Remote Play PC and developed by a programmer using the pseudonym Twisted, uses the PS4's built-in Remote Play software to trick PCs into thinking they're another Sony device and accept a stream from a nearby console.

The software is launching Wednesday, November 25, and comes with a modest price tag of $10 (£6.50).

But before you think about shelling out for the software, know that because the software is unofficial and uses proprietary software for unintended purposes means Sony could very well come along and shut it down before you ever get a chance to use it.

We've also seen some reports that Twisted's previously released software that enables Remote Play for Android devices suffers from some input lag, making fast-paced games less desirable to play using the software.

If you're looking to get it on in-home streaming without the fear of losing money, you could always check out the PlayStation TV to achieve streaming from a console in one room to a TV in another. (Though we highly recommend reading our review before you purchase one.)

Console-to-PC streaming was a feature Microsoft recently released on the Xbox One earlier this year, and has been modestly well-received by the gaming audience.

Nick Pino

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