PS4 gives Xbox One the finger, Nintendo sends everyone to the naughty step

PS4 and Xbox One scrap it out, Nintendo sends everyone to the naughty step

If there's one story that's defined this week in gaming, it's the Xbox One and PS4 Call of Duty blowout.

Here's the deal: Call of Duty: Ghosts will output 1080p graphics on the PS4 natively but on the Xbox One that's being upscaled from a native resolution of 720p. The Sony fans have just been handed the biggest ammunition clip since the whole always-online debacle.

But do the differences really matter? It depends how meticulous you are about these sorts of things. Right now it's a small variation, but this could potentially play out to be something bigger in the long term. Here's a handy explainer that should make things clearer.


But there are other differences to take into account too. For example, Xbox One is doing more to harness the power of cloud processing from the off (just check out Forza 5's Drivatar).

We also reckon the Xbox One lineup is looking stronger at the moment, and seems all the sweeter now that Titanfall will be a One exclusive. But hey, maybe that's just us.


Shattering the stream dream

But the PS4 didn't get off completely clean. We also found out that Sony's dog in the console fight will not support MP3, CDs or DNLA steaming. It feels a bit of a backwards step and no doubt Sony's plan to get us all subscribing to Sony's Music Unlimited.

Seeing an opportunity for revenge, the Xbox One seized the opportunity to point out that it will support audio CD playback and will be DNLA-compatible.

This week, TechRadar's been playing…

Pokemon X

We spent two days training up a party of level 20 Metapods and regretted nothing.

This is why we can't have nice things

Ok, who's been sending pictures of Mario doing obscene things to goombas? Nintendo caught you passing your notes around the back of the classroom and you're in trouble.

Apparently people have been sending "offensive material" over the 3DS Swapnote application and Nintendo has responded by shutting it down. Or at least suspending it for a while.

Look, Nintendo, people draw penises on stuff. It's just what we do because it's hilarious. We're not going to apologise for it and we certainly don't need to point out that we can find a whole lot worse on the 3DS web browser. You know, that thing that lets us look at THE INTERNET.

Gran Theft Auto

Gaming can be such a cathartic endeavour. Just ask GAMERGRAN87, who went on a foul-mouthed killing spree on GTA 5 so she could show British Gas exactly what she thought of its 20% price hike.

"You want central heating mate? You've got it," she spits, covering a dead guy with gasoline and setting him alight. We also like the bit where she so eloquently calls someone a "Gas B**tard".

It's... beautiful

Proteus, that game-that-isn't-really-a-game-or-is-it-we're-not-sure is now available on PS3 and PS Vita.

The indie title has been available on Steam since the start of the year but it arrives on the consoles with a bunch of new features – and we couldn't recommend it more. Well worth your time, this one.

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