No Man's Sky stumbles onto PC, patches incoming

No Man's Sky
Are you having problems with No Man's Sky?

With its unmatched complexity (18 quintillion procedurally generated planets in all) and small development team, the much-anticipated No Man's Sky was always likely to experience one or two bumps along the road at launch, and that's proving to be the case.

Having appeared on the PS4 earlier this week, the PC version of the game arrived on Friday, and a number of players are already reporting buggy behaviour and glitches. To be fair to Hello Games, getting software working on millions of different computer configurations is a challenge - just ask Microsoft.

It's hard to assess the percentage of PC players having problems but the Steam review page and dedicated Reddit thread tell a frustrating story. It seems even players with top-end graphics cards occasionally struggle to get a smooth experience.


The good news is the developers are on the case. If you're experiencing problems with the Windows version of No Man's Sky, Hello Games has posted a number of tips on Twitter to help you get everything working properly, and patches have already been issued.

The game's creator Sean Murray has also posted a blog update addressing some of the most critical issues - apparently a quality assurance team bigger than the entire Hello Games staff has now been hired to stomp out the bugs as quickly as possible.

Meanwhile PS4 players have been experiencing one or two glitches of their own, though most people running No Man's Sky on Sony's console don't seem to be having major problems. If you're just getting started with the game, we've got you covered.

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