Microsoft fixes Xbox RROD... by removing the red light

How to fix the RROD... Simply remove red lights from the new Xbox!
How to fix the RROD... Simply remove red lights from the new Xbox!

Microsoft's new slimmed down Xbox 360 had been unveiled at E3 2010, with new spec sheets leaking online comparing the new console with the old one.

One interesting factoid is the decision to remove the red lights from the console. Effectively making it incapable of showing the dreaded 'red ring of death' should your new slim Xbox 360 decide to overheat and crap out on you.

Bye bye RROD?

Not that it will, of course, and we are sure that Microsoft has taken all the very best precautions to ensure that there are no further PR disasters connected to overheating issues with its games consoles, following the highly publicised issues with the original batches of Xbox 360 around the time of the first year or two following the console's launch.

Still, somebody somewhere along the way in the design process made a decision to remove that red light…

Elsewhere on the spec sheets for the new Xbox 360, you can see that it features support for Kensington Locks, and that the "new S console" is about 17 per cent smaller than the original.

But what happens if it overheats? How do you know?

Take a look at the spec sheet here.

Via Joystiq

Adam Hartley