iiNet error breaks Xbox One downloads

iiNet Xbox One

iiNet customers across Australia are yelling profanities at their Xbox One consoles after a glitch within the ISP's service prevented them from downloading games and updates.

Users have reported issues downloading a number of titles including Halo: The Master Chief Collection, World of Tanks, Grand Theft Auto V, Forza 6, and the latest update for Destiny.

While the problem is inconsistent – some downloads fail straight away, others reach three per cent before packing it in, and others still download without issue – it appears to be caused by iiNet's recent configuration changes around the downloads included in the Freezone (unmetered downloads).


The problem affects both iiNet and Internode customers, and iiNet claims it's working with Microsoft to provide a solution. For the time being, though, Xbox One customers have been left unable to download titles after paying for them.

According to iiNet's status page the problem has been ongoing for a month, but it should be resolved by this evening.

In the meantime, iiNet suggests customers try a hard reset of the console, although there's no guarantee that will work.

Via: Stevivor