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Smooth PlayStation Vita launch is vital, says CEO

Vita - needs a bright start
Vita - needs a bright start
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Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan exec has admitted that the launch of the PlayStation Vita is a critical time for the gaming giant.

The Vita's predecessor, the PSP, is unlikely to be held up as a pinnacle of marketing prowess, and has never reached the heights that its key rival, the Nintendo DS, has managed consistently for years.

But, with the PlayStation Vita UK release date likely to be in early 2012 and the Japanese launch set for the end of 2011, Sony is aware that it cannot make the mistakes it made in the underwhelming PS3 launch.

Bright start

Ryan told Future Publishing's CVG that his key task was ensuring that the Vita is given the best possible start in life.

"It's obviously a top priority," he admitted. "We're going to launch early next year and it's critical that a marketplace the size of ours has a successful launch, installs a lot of product, and that we publish all the great games that we have [lined up for it]."

Ryan believes that it will be headlining games that make the Vita a success when it arrives across the globe.

"The quality of the content available at launch far exceeds anything we've had on any platform [at the same stage], not just PSP. Marketing great content is much more straightforward than marketing content that perhaps is not so great.

"Secondly, come the fall [2012] you're going to see the heavy guns from the third party community coming to the platform, giving us additional momentum for the Christmas selling season."

PlayStation 4

Ryan was also asked about the PlayStation 4, but was obviously keen to bring attention back to current offerings.

"All I'm focused on right now is making the most of PS3," he said. "We've over 50 million PS2's installed across our PAL territory, and as you've heard yesterday we're up to 22 [million] on PS3, so there is a long way to go. That's all we need to focus on for now."

From CVG

Check out our PlayStation Vita need to know video below:

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