iOS and Android games grossing more than Sony and Nintendo

The Nintendo 3DS has struggled as gamers turn to cheaper iOS alternatives

Game sales for Android and iOS devices now generate more revenue than those for the Sony PSP and Nintendo DS series, according to new projections.

Flurry expects mobile and tablet games to own 58 per cent of the market and gross $1.9 billion by the end of 2011, while the combined total of Sony and Nintendo sales are likely to amount $1.4 billion.

If the analytics firm's predictions hold true, it'll be the first time that Apple and Android games have brought in more cash than the old stalwarts of the handheld gaming industry.

In 2009 Apple and Google controlled just 19 per cent of the market, while the DS had a whopping 70 per cent, while the already-fading PSP had an 11 per cent share.

Big name troubles

Of course both Nintendo and Sony have endured troubled times in the handheld arena over the last couple of years.

Nintendo's new 3DS has enjoyed a less than fruitful first six months on the market, while Sony has virtually given up on the PSP and PSP Go with the PS Vita set to arrive in early 2012.

However, both companies face an uphill struggle as gamers continue to gravitate to much cheaper, often much simpler titles that are instantly downloadable to phones and tablets.

Via: TechCrunch

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