Here's the new 3DS Ambassador edition being unboxed

Weren't lucky enough to get selected? Just imagine those hands are yours

Just a day after Nintendo sent out the first European invitations for people to buy the new 3DS Ambassador Edition, the first consoles have been delivered.

YouTube user Virtual Accomplishment has posted an unboxing of the handheld, claiming to have placed the order just the day before.

The Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Edition edition is only available to Club Nintendo members who are invited to buy. To get on the list you need to fulfil certain unnamed criteria, designed to prove you're a true hardcore Nintendo nut.

If you've not revealed the invite, it's likely that you've not made the cut. Need one right now? Your best bet is to import.

New 3DS = excite

The unboxing reveals no surprises, but is a way to get a look at the Ambassador Edition cover plate that is a key reason to order this for those who want to boast of their exclusive gadgets.

For the average gamer, though, the attraction of the Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Edition is that it's the most convenient way to get hold of a new-style 3DS.

This version of the 3DS features an extra analogue stick and improved battery life, but to date has only launched in Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

When is the rest of the world going to be graced by the new Nintendo 3DS? We don't know yet, beyond that it'll be some time in 2015.

Andrew Williams

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