Xbox One won't support cross-platform voice chat with Xbox 360

Xbox One
The ever-fickle Xbox One

Update: IGN has an ongoing "Ask Microsoft Anything" page where Chief Xbox One Platform Architect, Marc Whitten, has confirmed that cross-platform voice chat will not be available:

"For a variety of technical reasons - including the sound quality that I talked about above - we don't support voice chat between the two systems."

However, Whitten stated that sending and receiving text messages will still be allowed between the Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Original article ....

Microsoft is all over the place with Xbox One info these days, and most of it just isn't what we want to hear - even though the public has been asked to put their pitchforks down.

Reddit user nospimi99 asked Major Nelson yesterday whether the Xbox One would be able to support cross-platform vocal chat (or Party Chat) with the Xbox 360.

He responded with a discouraging comment: "I've asked - based on what I know of the voice system, I would be surprised if this was possible."

It seems almost like Microsoft is pushing for all 360 users to upgrade to the One and be done with it, despite the company's previous remarks about remaining dedicated to the older console for "years" to come.

Xbox One is king of flip-flopping

Major Nelson's reasons for the lack of compatible voice chat stem from the Xbox One using a newer wide bandwidth CODEC resulting in "better voice quality" for the next-gen console.

After further complaints and observations from other Reddit users, Nelson said, "Again, this may change..I need to check."

Meaning, in usual Microsoft fashion, a final decision is still up in the air. With Microsoft reversing it's public check-in policy and then its new decision to include self-publishing, this isn't surprising and anything is possible with the company.

So if you're worried about not being able to chat with your 360 buddies on your Xbox One, keep your ear to the ground for more information from TechRadar on whether this will be possible, and keep your farewells handy just in case - but don't expect Microsoft to stick to their policies.

Meanwhile, Playstation Magazine UK spoke with Sony UK Chief Fergal Gara in June about the Playstation 4, where he confirmed that cross-platform chat on the next-gen console will indeed be available by simply stating, "It's there."

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