Sucker Punch, Guerilla Games bringing launch titles to PS4

PlayStation 4 Knack
New exclusives will help launch the PS4

Sony brought out its big guns for the PS4 launch line-up, including fan favorite studios Guerilla Games and Sucker Punch.

Killzone: Shadow Fall will see the return of the Helghast, though the worlds in this latest iteration look much brighter and optimistic than those we've seen in previous Killzone games.

Though protagonist Cole may have died at the end of Sucker Punch's inFamous, that doesn't mean the company is done with the do-it-yourself hero genre.

inFamous: Second Son will see a lot of new heroes springing up around the world, fighting back against oppression in an era of government observation.

Jonathan Blow, creator of Braid, was also brought out to introduce The Witness, which will be a PS4 exclusive title.

Team racer Driveclub (from Evolution, the studio behind MotorStorm) was also announced for PS4, and looked so good that many onlookers initially mistook it for Gran Turismo 6. Another reveal was Knack, a cartoonish platformer, described by Official PlayStation Magazine as "[looking] like Ratchet & Clank done by Pixar".

Don't forget the third party

More titles from longtime third-party partners of Sony's like Capcom, Atlus, EA and others were also teased during the conference.

Capcom's Yoshinori Ono was the first to hit stage to discuss the publisher's upcoming slate of PlayStation 4 games, which will use the new Panta Rhei engine.

Deep Down, the working title of a new fantasy game (which could be the next Dragon's Dogma title), will be part of Capcom's PS4 slate.

Square Enix showed off more of the new Luminous Engine, though the footage was virtually identical to that demoed previously.

Final Fantasy brand manager Shinji Hashimoto popped in for a brief second to announce a Final Fantasy game was in development for PS4, but no other details were given.

Even more in the pipeline

Ubisoft will be releasing a version of anticipated technological thriller Watch Dogs for the PS4.

Surprising everyone in attendance, Blizzard's Chris Metzen was then introduced to reveal that former PC exclusive Diablo III will be coming out on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

Activision's Eric Hirschberg then took the stage to talk about the publisher's commitment to the PlayStation 4.

Bungie will debut its upcoming sci-fi shooter on the PlayStation 4, marking the first time the developer has been on a Sony console.

There will be exclusive content specifically for the PlayStation consoles, as Destiny will also be coming to the PS3, though Activision has previously stated Destiny will not arrive in 2013.

From top-tier exclusives from its best studios to multiplatform experiences from some of the most respected publishers and developers in the business, the PlayStation 4's game slate looks fairly impressive so far.