Sony PlayStation 2 still alive and kicking

The PlayStation 2 is the most successful games console of all time

The ultra-powerful, über-expensive PlayStation 3 may be ruling the roost at Sony these days and hogging all the news, but the PS2 is not dead yet. That's the view of a leading games developer.

Whiteside, lead designer of games developer bigBIG, says the old and super-successful PlayStation 2 console has plenty of life in it. It's just serving a difference area of the market to its PS3 successor.

"I don't think [the PS2 has] been superseded. If you remember the longevity of use of the PSone after the PS2 came out - PSone was still huge for a long time afterwards," Whiteside told our sister site CVG .

The PlayStation 2 is still selling way more units than the newer PS3, despite its age.

PS2 sales are still strong

"I'm no expert on this but it's the same in many cases. If you look at the car industry, say, at the VW Golf - first you see way more Mk4 Golfs than you do Mk5s. But as time goes on, you see more Mk5s and then the Mk6 comes out," he said.

"You always get a certain number of early adopters and I think the PS3 is doing really well with that.

"The PlayStation family as a whole is comfortable with the fact that they have three really good consoles. And I think that, in terms of lifestyle, they're all equally positioned in different areas of the market. The PS3 is in its infancy and will continue to grow, but I think it will be a long time before the PS2 gets phased out.

"I would say there's plenty of life left in the old dog."

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