PS4's suspend/resume feature will hit your console today


The PS4's highly-anticipated 2.50 update - codenamed 'Yukimura' - is rolling out today.

The headline feature is one we've been waiting for as long as the console's been around: suspend/resume. This will let you put the console in rest mode mid-game and later pick up from exactly where you left off by waking the system. Sony adds, however, that this feature will only be available for titles that support it.

Yukimura also adds the ability to back up the PS4 hard disc to an external USB drive, including all your saved data, settings, video clips, screenshots and download data.

As for social features, you'll now be able to search for Facebook friends with linked accounts. A new "Friends Who Play This" section will pop up on each game page, showing who of your pals are online and enjoying the game.

And the Vita's getting some love too

Another neat new tweak means that screenshots will automatically be taken when you earn yourself a trophy, which you'll now have more organisation over. Starting today you can sort your trophies by "Earned date", "Not earned" and "Grade". You can also remove any trophies from the list that have a 0% completion.

Finally, Sony's throwing in a wide range of accessibility features for gamers with impaired vision and limited manual dexterity, including a zoom feature, inverted colours, enlarged text and customised button assignments for the DualShock 4 controller.

Oh, and 60fps support is coming for Remote Play and Share Play for supported devices, including the PS Vita, which will also be getting an update to coincide with Yukimura. Hooray!

Hugh Langley

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