PS4 launches in Australia, but where's the stock?

PS4 on sale in Australia
Good luck getting one without a pre-order

The next-gen console wars are finally underway, with the Sony PS4 going on sale at midnight launches around the country last night, following last week's Xbox One launch.

And similar to EB Games statements last week that demand will outstrip supply for the Microsoft console, Sony boss Michael Ephraim has warned that getting your mitts on a new Playstation before Christmas is going to be a challenge.

"Even though we are getting more PS4 consoles in before Christmas, our retail partners tell us that they don't expect many to be left on the shelves by the time Christmas comes," Ephraim said, as reported by CVG.

New console in the New Year?

The demand for the next-gen console means that gamers who didn't pre-order could be waiting until the new year before they can purchase Sony's latest offering.

"We will continue to supply the demand, starting in January and every subsequent month until we satisfy Australia's appetite for PS4. In the meantime, we thank our fans for their patience - we promise PS4 is worth the wait," Ephraim said.

Selling for $549.95, the PS4 midnight launch reportedly saw "thousands" of gamers lining up to grab the console, mirroring the Xbox launch last week.

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