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PS4 can now stream free music videos, still can't play CDs or MP3s

PS4 VidZone music video app
Just in case you want to see the crazy people who sing the music you like

If you're wondering how to stream music videos on PS4 for free, take a look at the new VidZone app that launched today and skip Sony's own Music Unlimited service.

VidZone brings ad-supported music videos to PlayStation 4 just like the previous-generation app did on PS3, but this updated version benefits from faster startup times and quicker navigation.

It also takes advantage of the console's next-generation social networking features by revealing your music video watching habits to your friends in system's main "What's New" activity feed.

This is either a great way to discover new music videos that your friends are watching, or a Katy Perry or Justin Bieber-involved embarrassment waiting to happen.

Catching up to Europe

VidZone on PS4 is actually a new app for the US, while territories like the UK and Australia have had the free music streaming service since the system launched at the end of November.

It finally brings America gamers a better way to listen to music and stream correlating videos without having to deal with the fees of Music Unlimited.

Sony Music Unlimited costs $9.99 a month, which are prices that customers deciding on the Spotify vs Google Music services are used to paying.

Many PS4 gamers are just looking for a way to play music for free in light of the fact that Sony failed to include CD and MP3 support with its next-generation console.