Original Xbox 360 gets HDMI output dongle

The MadCatz adapter brings high-def gaming and video to the oldest 360 models

When the Xbox 360 was first launched gamers worldwide wondered why Microsoft failed to include an HDMI port on the back, particularly given the coming flood of HD TVs and Sony's decision to include the connection on the PlayStation 3. Later models corrected that omission and now early adopters can get their high-def fix too.

According to MadCatz, it has finally developed "the relief Xbox 360 owners have been waiting for". Dubbed the HDMI Conversion Kit, the company's product allows current console owners to plug the adapter into the standard output jack on the system, providing 1080p output and support for HDMI 1.3.

MadCatz also claims the $90 (£45) Conversion Kit allows audio to be carried through Dolby Digital and DTS, but it can be routed through a secondary optical output for home theatres that use a receiver instead of HDMI's audio functionality.