Nyko Databank lets you stick a 3.5-inch hard drive onto your PS4

Nyko Databank lets you attach a 3.5-inch hard drive to your PS4
Stack 'em high

Nyko has announced the Databank, a PS4 add-on accessory that lets you plug a 3.5-inch hard drive into your console.

The 500GB hard drive that ships in most PS4 consoles is a 2.5-inch model, but the Nyko Databank lets you use the larger 3.5-inch kind found more often in desktops.

It's not a teeny little caddy that fits into the PS4's shell, but an extra part that both interfaces with the console's insides (instead of a USB port) and flops over the top of the casing.

Nyko has made sure to keep the design within the PS4's style, though. Is the sacrifice worth it? Well, 3.5-inch drives are often larger and cheaper.

2.5 vs 3.5

For hard drives of 1-2TB, the difference in price between 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch drives is relatively slight, but the larger kind goes up to 6TB without a sweat while commonly-available 2.5-inch drives top out at 2TB.

Sony's support website doesn't seem to detail any maximum capacity for hard drives, but you'll be in completely unsupported territory with the Nyko Databank. Will a 6TB hard drive actually work? You'd assume so, but it might be worth holding onto your wallets until we know for sure.

Such storage isn't really overkill for hardcore gamers, though, as plenty of PS4 game installs get close to 50GB a piece, including GTA 5 and The Last of Us: Remastered.

Apparently Nyko is awaiting a patent to release the Databank, but expects to be able to put it on sale within the first half of 2015. Exact pricing details haven't yet been announced.

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