Match made to entertain: XBMC support slated for portable GameStick

GameStick controller
PlayJam is packing in the capabilities

PlayJam, creator of GameStick, a little Android gaming console that could make a very big splash, announced a slick support boost today as GDC 2013 got underway.

The company is teaming up with the Pivos Technology Group to bring full integration of the XBMC platform to the TV gaming system.

If you're having trouble remembering what XBMC is, it's a free and open source cross-platform software media player and entertainment hub available on a variety of systems, including Linux, OSX and Windows. PlayJam previously announced XBMC was coming, but now it looks like we'll see the support at launch.

The idea is for Pivos and the GameStick crew to extend XBMC's development into the console, bringing along full media center capabilities. While gaming is still the focal point of GameStick, flushed out media services will bring a more complete entertainment element to the fore.

Holy moly

Like its Android-gaming brethren Ouya, GameStick got its start on Kickstarter. Comprised of a plug-in HDMI stick and controller supposedly small enough to fit in your pocket, GameStick recently claimed it has more than 500 developers clamoring to create for the system.

Media center capabilities make the system all that more inviting.

Jasper Smith, CEO of PlayJam, said in a press release that working with Pivos and the XBMC community to bring about a media center "is a major step forward in our ambitions."

"Likewise, extending the reach of our games platform via XBMC fulfills our underlying goal of accelerating the affordable TV games market. Combining the two is very much the Holy Grail."

GameStick dev units are expected to ship before the end of March. While the console isn't quite ready for wider consumption, PlayJam is charging a very attractive pre-order price of US$79 (no international pricing information yet) for a stick and controller.

Last week, GameStick said it had a number of announcements on deck for GDC this week, so stay tuned for more and watch out for our hands on review of the unit if PlayJam decides to break it out at the conference.

Michelle Fitzsimmons

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