Here's the Kingdom Hearts 3 gameplay trailer from E3 2015

Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer E3 2015
Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer E3 2015

The Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer from E3 2015 proves the never-ending keyblade war is still ongoing and series characters Sora, Donald and Goofy are in the middle of the action.

Square Enix's long-awaited action RPG sequel radiates brightly colored cartoon graphics that look better than before.

That's thanks to the fact the game is making its home on new consoles, the PS4 and Xbox One, and is using the Unreal Engine 4.

Countering the constant jumping and keyblade-swinging Sora and his Disney troupe are new creative-looking enemies with all sorts of wonderful color.

The Others, the franchise's almost colorless foe, returns, according to what we've seen in the new Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer. Their slimy, oil-like bodies are blasted by Sora's keyblade in the video.

Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer gameplay E3 2015

Everything is laid out in familiar, electrified environments, but ones that look even more fantastical this time around. Disney's spinning tea cups, fully lit up trains and chariot horses are incorporated into the gameplay.

The most boring part of the Kingdom Hearts trailer at E3 2015 may be the chess game between two characters, but that seems to be how the overarching story is told.

A chess game seems to frame the gameplay story

There's no Kingdom Hearts 3 release date yet; the gameplay trailer ending with the words "Now in development." Goofy's patented, often repeated "C'mon" voice clip comes to mind right now.

But fans in the E3 2015 press conference audience weren't disappointed. The game is clearly coming along judging from today's first-non teaser trailer for PS4 and Xbox One.