Xbox One price cut was posted 'in error', says Microsoft

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Someone's caused a lot of fuss over nothing

Update: A spokesperson for Microsoft has told TechRadar that the €349.99 Xbox One listing was made "in error" and that there are no plans to cut the current price.

Of course, Microsoft could still surprise us during its Gamescom Xbox briefing on August 12, but don't hold your breath. Sorry folks!

Original story below...

Gamescom is just days away, and Microsoft could be using the German expo as a platform to announce another Xbox One price cut.

At the time of writing, the mobile version of the Spanish Xbox One site shows the console listed with a new price of €349.99 for the sans-Kinect version, down from €399.

That's a significant slash, making Xbox One €50 cheaper than the PS4's current price.

While it's only showing on the Spanish site right now, it's possible that it'll be a global price cut, possibly bringing the Xbox one down to £300/$350 if it's going to undercut the PS4 in other regions. Or it may just be European-wide for now.

Too soon?

However, Microsoft only recently cut the Xbox One price for the Kinectless package, making us slightly skeptical that it's ready to bring the price down again so soon.

But June sales showed the Xbox One lagging behind the PS4 despite said price cut, so there's a chance that another reduction could be announced at Gamescom this month.

We've asked Microsoft for a response on this and we'll update if we hear any more.

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