How to pre-order the Xbox One right now

Xbox One
It doesn't levitate...sorry

If you just can't wait until "later this year" to put your order in for the new Xbox One, you've got a duo of options to jump on the bandwagon at this very moment.

The Microsoft Store is taking pre-order notification sign ups, meaning you can enter your email address to receive an alert for when you can actually pre-order the console.

There is an incentive to signing up now in the form of $10 promo code, good for the next purchase you make in the Microsoft Online Store.

Hit up Amazon

Amazon is also accepting get-an-alert sign ups for the world's newest console.

Simply head on over to, search for Xbox One, and hit the yellow "sign up" button on the right. You can also put in word you want to know when the console's controller becomes available through the online retailer as well.

Microsoft unveiled the Xbox One during a live event in Redmond, Wash. today, giving us a look at its first new console in eight years.

It's fine for gaming, we're sure, but Microsoft put a lot of weight in the console's TV and entertainment capabilities, rarely referring to the Xbox One as a gaming device.

We've gathered all the data on this new entrant into the console wars in our hub page, so give it a gander if you're curious whether the wait was worth it.

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