Get ready for the new Xbox with TechRadar's video round-up

Get ready for the new Xbox with TechRadar's video round-up
Ryse is expected to be a launch title

The new Xbox is so close we can almost smell it. So while you're waiting for it all to kick off in Redmond (just under an hour by our watch), we thought we'd take you through some of the videos we've been putting together over the last few months.

First off, here's a first walk through some of the broader features we're expecting to see. How will it stand up against the PS4? Will it come with Blu-Ray? How much will it cost? Oh, and what about that online-only stuff?

Then we thought - what do we want to see on the new Xbox? So we came up with five ideas for a killer new Microsoft console.

There have been plenty of hints that the new Xbox will see Microsoft broadening its presence in the wider entertainment market. The question is: will this be a turn-off for the hardcore gamers, or is a bigger multimedia approach the key to the new Xbox's success?

Of course, the new Xbox wouldn't be much good without the games. The PS4 launch brought a few titles with it, and we're expecting Microsoft to deliver a few of its own at the big event. We'll likely only see a few of these today, but here are ten titles we're hoping to get our hands on in the future.

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