Get a gaming advantage in your PlayStation 4 online shooters

Hori Tactical Assault Commander 4
Mouse and keyboard for your PS4

The Xbox One isn't the online console set to get mouse and keyboard support this year, HORI has recently unveiled a new PS4 peripheral that could give users one hell of an advantage in first-person shooters like Destiny.

The new mouse and keyboard device uses a cut-down block of keys to simulate the WSAD setup of a PC gamer's keyboard and the mostly ambidextrous mouse looks like a classic PC gaming rodent too.

Both have been designed with customisation in mind as each of the keys can be reprogrammed to suit your playing style as well as the multiple buttons available to the mouse too.

The mouse plugs into the board and that then gets wired directly into the PS4. You're obviously going to need a surface to game on though, which makes it less versatile a gaming system for the living room, but if you can cope with that compromise you could seriously boost your accuracy in online shooters.

Perhaps a little unfairly too...

Hori mouse

One of the biggest barriers to cross-platform gaming between console and PC has surrounded the two dominant control methods. On the console it's always been about the gamepad, where the PC is reliant on the somewhat antiquated, but oh-so-versatile mouse and keyboard combo.

That's accuracy

The fine grain movements you can manage with a mouse makes it a far more accurate device for things like first person shooters. The gamepad's analogue thumbsticks cannot be anywhere near as accurate, which is why most console FPS games will use some sort of auto-targeting to help that out.

Pit the two systems against one another in cross-platform gaming and someone's bound to cry foul.

But when everyone's using a gamepad with the same level of auto-targeting no-one's getting an unfair advantage. As soon as someone tips up on the next CoD with a mouse/keyboard set, however, the auto-targeting could make them some sort of Equilibrium-style gun kata genius.

Whether the game makers start taking control inputs into account in online play only time will tell, but both PS4 and Xbox One are soon to be getting keyboard and mouse options, so it might be time for them to start thinking about it.

The HORI Tactical Assault Commander 4 is available to pre-order on Amazon right now for £86, and is set to release on October 9.