GameStop will buy your unwanted Kinect for $40

Microsoft Xbox One Kinect
Trade-ins start today

It's been almost two months since Microsoft announced that it would start selling the Xbox One without Kinect on June 9. Now GameStop is offering up to buy the peripheral from any one who didn't want it in the first place.

In a deal first spotted by gamers on Reddit, GameStop locations around the US are accepting Kinect trade-ins for $40 in store credit or $32 cash back starting today.

The extra money back hardly makes up for the $100 the Kinect added onto Microsoft's console. But for some Xbox One owners an extra bit of cash is reason enough to get rid of the motion sensing peripheral if it's been sitting unwanted in a closet for a while.

With the new option to trade it into GameStop locations, gamers will have another option in addition to selling it used on Amazon and eBay.

Dead weight

Despite the fact that Microsoft has answered gamers' pleas for an option to buy the Xbox One without Kinect, the software company is still adamant that its peripheral is integral to the console.

The Redmond, Wash.-based company still plans to sell Kinect sensor will be sold as a standalone accessory later this fall. At the same time it's more than likely GameStop will turn these used peripherals around and sell them for full price as they do with game.

As we've noted before the Kinect does more than motion gaming. It's an integral part of the console's voice controlled interface even if it does use up 10-percent of the console's graphical and processing power.

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