PlayStation 3 crushes Wii in Japan once again

The PlayStation 3 has come into contention in the run-up to Christmas, with sales improving in all territories

The PlayStation 3 has outsold the Nintendo Wii for the second week in a row. And it's not been a scrappy victory either. It's been a royal thumping, with Sony shifting nearly 20,000 more PS3s than Nintendo did Wiis.

Could this be the start of something huge for Sony? A comeback on the most epic of scales? Or could this have something to do with terminal stock shortages of the Nintendo Wii?

Sony PS3 vs Nintendo Wii

The answer is a bit of both, really. While the Wii supply is not good enough to meet demand, supply has not decreased at all. Meaning Wii sales have held pretty steady in Japan, hovering at around the 36,000 mark week-on-week.

The PS3 on the other hand, while repeatedly failing to penetrate the 20,000 sales barrier, has had a massive leap in sales since its price cut. And for the last couple of weeks, Sony has been flogging well over 100,000 of them.

Xbox 360 still last

The latest figures from Japanese publisher, Enterbrain, say it all. This last week, the PS3 was snapped up by 53,0000 budding graphics-thirsty Japanese gamers. The Nintendo Wii was bought by 36,000 people. While the Xbox 360 continues to languish down in last place with sales wobbling at around the 5,000 mark.

So while Sony can claim that the PS3 is currently the top dog in Japan, demand for the Wii is still sky high. Goodness only knows how many of them Nintendo would be able to sell if it had enough to go around.

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