Confirmed: Nintendo DSi out in spring

Nintendo's new DSi will be releasing in the UK this spring
Nintendo's new DSi will be releasing in the UK this spring

Nintendo's DSi, the latest refresh of its massively popular handheld, is to be released in the UK this spring.

Nintendo has yet to set an exact release date for the DSi, but many gamers are hoping the desirable new hardware will be released in early/mid April in time for Easter.

"It is definitely out in the spring," a Nintendo rep told TechRadar today.

DS and Wii releases

Nintendo has also announced its "launch schedule of primary Nintendo products" for Japan, the US and Europe.

In addition to third-party treats such as the superb GTA: Chinatown Wars from Rockstar Games, DS gamers will get Mystery Case Files: MillionHeir on February 2 and Walk with me! Do you know your walking routine? On February 20.

Soon to follow (with exact dates to be confirmed) are gems such as Rhythm Paradise, Pokemon Platinum, Mario and Luigi RPG 3 (a working title, we can only presume) and Kirby Super Star Ultra.

For the Wii, two releases confirmed for this quarter are New Play Control! Pikmin on February 6 and New Play Control! Mario Power Tennis on March 3. And Punch Out!!, New Play Control! Pikmin 2, Wii Sports Resort, Sin & Punishment 2, Another Code R and Endless Ocean 2 are all expected to grace the shelves of your local gaming emporium soon after.

Adam Hartley