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Capcom to unleash PSone library on PSP

Capcom hoping to give the original PlayStation a renaissance
Capcom hoping to give the original PlayStation a renaissance

Capcom looks set to bolster the range of retro games by announcing a whole slew of PSone games for the PlayStation Network in the coming months.

Despite the flickering success of the PSN, the library of old PlayStation favourites has been woeful to say the least. But an interview with Capcom's Chris Kramer over at Joystiq has given us all hope we'll be playing retro-fuelled fun on our PSP very soon.

"We'll definitely be looking at a lot of titles that have things like Street Fighter and Resident Evil in the title," said Kramer.

Voting on titles

"We're thinking about putting together a long list of the titles we're looking at, and then releasing it on Capcom Unity and having people vote on them. Ultimately we're looking at bringing between 20 and 40 titles to the PSN over the next several months."

It's likely that these would be offered to both the PS3 and the PSP, with the latter rumoured to be getting download-only games at next month's gaming shindig, E3.

Fingers crossed this is the start of something big on the PlayStation Network, because as much as we love salivating over the thought of the latest HD gaming with worlds so big you could live in them forever, there's no substitute for kicking another fighter in the face with lo-res graphics.

From Joystiq via Wired

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