Ads in games will become a success, says EA

EA: Adverts in games will become a success
Do Ads value add value?

Gaming giant EA – the people behind the likes of Fifa and Battlefield – has said that advertising within games has come through a slow start and will now become more prevalent in our favourite titles.

EA's Keith Ramsdale believes that past failures have been overcome, and pointed to successful offerings in games like Fifa – where 'pitchside' advertising hoardings offer a non-invasive and appropriate ad experience as just one potential model.

However, he warned that the advertising must be appropriate to both the game and the consumer.

By the wayside

"There have been companies that have tried to get [advertising in gaming] to work and they have fallen by the wayside," said Ramsdale.

Ramsdale: "On some platforms and in some games advertising isn't appropriate."

"I couldn't tell you why but I can tell you that they will try again. I personally feel that on some platforms and in some games advertising isn't appropriate, but that there are games where it works really well.

"Plus on some of the emerging platforms I can see it being far more successful."

In-game advertising has always been a divisive thing, with gamers who have paid out for a title understandably a little miffed that they are then served with adverts.

However, the free models that are helped by advertising and where there is a tangible benefit, gamers are more prepared to forgive the intrusion.

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