Free Samsung Galaxy update turns your handset into an even better camera phone

Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus
(Image credit: Future)

If you own a Samsung phone, there's now one more way to take fantastic pictures on your mobile, and it doesn't cost you a penny.

The company has just released a new app called Galaxy Enhance-X, which you can download on Samsung phones using the Galaxy store – it's a free app but it does need 123MB of free space (which really isn't that much).

Galaxy Enhance-X is both an AI upscaling and editing app, so it has a range of functions to help increase the fidelity of your photos.

It can upscale the resolution and quality of a photo, remove imperfections in a scene, fix blurry elements in an image, and allows for more conventional edits too, like brightness and HDR (high dynamic range) adjustment.

In a way, Galaxy Enhance-X is Samsung's own spin on a mobile version of Photoshop, letting you fix faux pas in your shot in a way that the built-in Gallery app – or Google Photos – can't. It's also a new worthwhile-looking free alternative to a number of powerful paid apps, saving users money without missing out on functionality.

Most Samsung phones are great for mobile photography, so you might not have many issues with the shots you take, straight out of the camera app, if you do, however, this new tool could help.

Good for non-Samsung photos

Enhance-X works with any photo on your Samsung phone, not just snaps captured using the device's own camera; so it could be a really handy tool for fixing grainy pictures that you might have transferred over from older phones.

The ability to bring this AI-enhanced editing to older photos is a powerful prospect, meaning faded family photos can be given new life and memories that you might want to go so far as to print out can be preserved to a higher degree of quality.

All you need to do is send yourself such pictures, using either cloud storage, a USB cable, wirelessly or by way of a messaging app, and you'll then be able to upscale and improve them using AI, just like any other snap already on your phone.

This isn't a huge upgrade that will change the way you use your Samsung Galaxy, but we can see its potential as a popular tools for shutterbugs. And with its relatively small download size, there's no harm in getting it onto your device – it could make the shots from your great camera phone even better.

Tom Bedford

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