Fitbit Ionic will soon let you listen to music with Deezer


The Fitbit Ionic launched back in September this year and for music lovers it offers 2.5GB of storage onboard for you to upload and play your own tracks (or music with Pandora in the US) without having to carry your phone.

Now Deezer is partnering with Fitbit so you don't have to own the music you want to listen to on your Ionic smartwatch. In 2018 you'll be able to link up your Deezer account with your Ionic and listen to music you've uploaded to the watch's storage.

It means you can take your own curated playlists, favorite albums or Deezer Flow series from the streaming service and listen to it on your run without having to carry your phone in your pocket.

Directly on your wrist

If you own a Fitbit Ionic, you'll be able to download the app to the watch and then connect your Deezer account. Unfortunately, although Deezer offers free accounts elsewhere, you'll need a Premium account to take advantage of the service on the Ionic. 

Premium subscribers will be able to listen to anything on the go including their Deezer Flow, which is an infinite playlist made by Deezer and is tailored to how you listen to music depending on the time of day and tracks you've previously liked.

Deezer Flow may one day be able to take your heart rate into account when used on the Fitbit Ionic.

Moore said it isn't a focus at the moment but could be a feature added in the future. He said, "It’s not a priority for us at the moment as there are a lot of other things we want to do with Flow, but having the ability to monitor your heart rate and then change the tactics around flow to combine with a workout regime is perfect."

Exactly when Deezer's Ionic app will be launching on the watch is currently unclear, but we've asked by Fitbit and the streaming service for more details and will update this article when we hear more.

Plus new apps for Ionic

Fitbit has also launched lots of new apps that will arrive by the end of the year for free on the Ionic including Yelp, Clue, Game Golf, Surfline, Nest, Hue Lights, Flipboard, The New York Times, TripAdvisor and United Airlines.

It's also confirmed we'll see British Airways, Lyft and Walgreens apps added at some point in January 2018.

Lucy Sheehan, Marketing Director at Fitbit, told TechRadar, "These are apps you’ll want to use in your life. It makes sense to have a boarding pass on there, it makes sense to have Phillips Hue and Nest."

This news suggests Fitbit wants to tailor its app offering so it only has useful options rather than offering every application possible on your wrist.