Firefox 68 is here, with a new-look reader mode and recommended extensions

Image credit: Shutterstock/Mozilla (Image credit: Shutterstock/Mozilla)

Mozilla has released Firefox 68, with improvements for all platforms – but particularly iOS, which has received several major updates.

For desktop users, the changes are relatively small. Firefox's reader mode (which strips away images and formatting so you can read the text more easily) now has an improved dark mode.

Previously, taking a trip to the dark side in reader mode meant that the text area was black, but other elements like sidebars and toolbars remained light. In Firefox 68, those parts of the page are also turned dark, making them less distracting and easier on the eyes.

Firefox dark reader mode

The new, darker reader mode (Image credit: Mozilla) (Image credit: Mozilla)

Firefox's add-on store has also received a boost, with a new hand-curated list of recommended extensions. Mozilla's team have checked each one of these add-ons for security, usability and usefulness, so they should all be worth a try.

Going mobile

iOS users will see much bigger changes with Firefox 68, including two new features brought over from the desktop version of the browser.

The first of these is bookmark editing, which lets you reorder, rename and change the URL of any bookmarked sites. It's a very useful addition, and somewhat surprising that it wasn't included sooner.

It's also possible to set particular sites so they always open in desktop rather than mobile view on your iOS device. Despite the vast number of people browsing the internet on their phones, some websites just don't play nicely on a smaller screen, so this option will make life much easier if you have to use one regularly.

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