Fan of the Alien movies? Then you really need an Audible audiobook subscription

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If you're a fan of the Alien film franchise, you've probably been lamenting its demise ever since James Cameron's Aliens hit cinemas way back in 1986. The films since that classic sequel have...not been good. To put it mildly.

Things could have been oh so different though – acclaimed sci-fi author William Gibson wrote a script for the divisive Alien 3 that was never produced, but has lived on in infamy as having actually been rather good. That version of Alien 3 may finally be getting the recognition it deserves, and it's all down to audiobook subscription service Audible.

The Amazon-owned service is, according to Bloody Disgusting, working on an audiobook version of William Gibson's script as part of the franchise's 40th anniversary celebrations.

Fan service done right

It's not looking like a simple cash-grab either, with the production set to include the voice work of Michael Biehn. Fans of the series will recognise him as Corporal Hicks, a fan-favorite character who is cruelly...sidelined when the silverscreen version of Alien 3 kicks off.

William Gibson's version of the story gives Hicks a much larger role, with it focusing on the survivors of Aliens, including Ellen Ripley, holed up in something like a space commune, where they learn about the threat of a corporation looking to make an army of the evil Xenomorph creatures.

Audible is lining up the Alien 3 audio play for a May 30 release, and can be pre-ordered now. If you can't wait for that, Gibson's script has also recently been turned into a comic book series – you'll have to do Michael Biehn's cool-as-ice voice in your own head though.

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