eBay embraces augmented reality to help you send the perfect package

Now that ARCore has been opened up to millions more phones, we're starting to see developers take advantage of the augmented reality tech. eBay is the latest and it’s using AR to find the right packaging for your goods. 

Fixing a problem that you may not really have thought existed, the app allows a user to overlay packaging over the product they are sending out, helping them choose the right size box. 

The idea being that it could well save money and time, given some people are under the assumption the size of their packages are bigger than they actually are and may be pleasantly surprised when their junk fits neatly into a smaller box. Ahem. 

The full package

The functionality is currently only available in the US and the virtual packaging that you can overlay over real-life goods is currently only the stuff you get through courier service UPS.

Currently the feature, which can be found in eBay's official app, is also only available to the Android crowd with a compatible handset. But eBay is hoping to bring it to other platforms soon. 

Given Apple is all about the ARKit, we're guessing that's where you will next see it. We'll be giving it a try soon to see if it becomes one of our best AR apps.

The app is the latest in a trickle of ARCore-infused ideas that are based on the home. TechRadar recently caught up with Amit Singh, vice president of AR and VR at Google, and was shown an app where you could you to fill your room with virtual furniture, pretty much allowing you to recreate that iconic IKEA scene in Fight Club. 

Just don't go recreating the end scene in Se7en with eBay’s version...

Via Android Police

Marc Chacksfield

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