Download of the day: Jump Doper

You can play Jump Doper in your browser, or download it for Windows, Mac or Linux.

You control a blocky, Minecraft-esque cactus, which has apparently been challenged to a deadly game of jump-rope by a pair of poltergeists. It's best not to dwell on the plot too long.

Tap a key (or click, in the browser version) to start the rope turning and make the plant hop into the air. You earn a point for each successful skip, but be careful – the speed of the rope varies, and connecting with it will result in your plant being neatly julienned. It can survive a little pruning, but trim it back too far and it's game over.

Hop, skip, thump

The game becomes harder as the cactus inevitably topples over and begins hopping on its side and back, making the timing trickier to control. 

Once it's been sliced, you'll be awarded a score for your efforts and, if you've done well enough, another character to subject to this cruel playground game.

Jump Doper is part of a game-per-month project by Crista Castro and Bryan Singh, aka Cozy Game Pals. Check out more of their work on their page.

Download here: Jump Doper

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